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Save for the planet - "The question of us."

Save for the planet is an organisation committed to healing country in light of the well documented issues in Australia's and the worlds land & water management. We intend to use the depth of knowledge contained in this country to spread to others and establish a better way of managing our land and water resources globally.We intend to create a 3 part per episode web series to further these goals. It will contain a group discussion with a first nations elder, community leader & scientific academic. This discussion will be given to an array of people from varying backgrounds who are invited to come and discuss their feelings, ambitions and concerns in regards to healing country and finally film the group seen...

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Come together, right now.

We have the choice right now of what the change looks like, because the situation is getting worse and we will eventually have to do something the dangers are real and the question is clear the longer we wait the less chance we have of getting the right answer to it.

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