What do you do when the world is burining?

Currently, this country is being burnt alive & torn apart. As a nation we are sitting in online trenches drawn over political lines throwing memes at each other as if they were hand grenades. 

It is in these times of hardship and division that we must look inside ourselves and into our vision of the future and decide what we are going to do to achieve that future. True reform will only come from nonpartisan efforts, but this cannot happen until all sides of our politics come to the acceptance that climate change is a real and dangerous threat that needs to be treated as such.

One day we be will measured by what we did when the world was burning. If you aren't comfortable with the answer we have, there is a chance right now to change that. A message must be sent loud and clear to the Australian government that we will not sit ideally by and let our homes be destroyed, our bushlands ravaged, our people & wildlife killed. It is no longer acceptable for our politicians to sit back and govern a fantasy while pretending that there is not an emergency.

There is a question that is asked so frequently it is often played in one's mind by a symphony of voices advocating a cacophony of issues, but this does preclude the question of relevance in the debate we are faced with today.  So, we dare to ask, if not now than when, if not us then who, if not unprecedented fire than why? What is to be the catalyst for us to react? We find ourselves waiting for a smoking gun to be presented by our scientific community that both explains the issue and solves the problem in a single answer. What prevents so many from accepting the reality of the situation we are faced with and leaves them searching for any and every desperate excuse to explain why this is not what it appears.

Nobody is stating that bushfires are not a natural & frequent occurrence in this country, no one is saying that they have never happened at this time of year. What is being said is that the circumstances we have found ourselves in come as the result of the mismanagement of government funds backed through poor decision making. This occurred due to politicians refusing to listen to relevant industry experts based on their personal bias to the very real threat to our way of life.

We do not need to be pointing fingers and playing the blame game of who's at fault for the situation we have found ourselves in. We do need to come together with a nonpartisan approach and start the conversation of what is it that the response to these issues needs to look like in the context that bushfires are a result of the current environmental state of the country & the climate of the planet this nation is a part of.

Why are we not asking the questions that will bring us solutions? What are the changes we can make to resolve the issues we are presented with? Are there not ways to farm land which allows the topsoil to capture more water in the earth from rainfall would this present any benefit? We need to be asking what can be done to prevent this from happening again. It is nearly irrelevant to ask whether it was the government reducing spending on fire services that led to suboptimal bushfire preparedness or was it the result of long-term political action by minority parties that resulted in worse land management practices as some are claiming.

What is clear, is we are going to rebuild people’s homes and properties in some cases even whole towns that have been destroyed by this fire. It would be irresponsible not to consider if there is anything that needs to be done in their redevelopment to minimise the threats they are faced with; bush fires are one & climate change is another. Continued inaction has led to expansion of this issue and scale of the undertaking required in solving it. I fear we are losing what precious time we have left to transition our economy & secure the sustainability of our future.

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  • Sue Bournes

    I would like to donate to planting more trees for koalas but I don’t want a tree for myself as I don’t have a garden .

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