Three Koala Food Tree's.
Three Koala Food Tree's.
Three Koala Food Tree's.

Three Koala Food Tree's.

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Since 1788, nearly 80% of the koala forests of Australia have been cleared – over 116 million hectares.

The remaining 20% remains under threat from land clearing for agriculture, urban development and unsustainable forestry & bush fire.

There is currently no legislation, anywhere in the country, that can protect Koalas and Koala habitat in Australia. The listing of the koala as “vulnerable” under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act in 2012 changed nothing. 

Extending on our existing tree planting projects. We will begin planting trees in a way that is going to make a meaningful impact in supporting Koalas for generations to come.

It is pointless to plant a few trees willy-nilly and expect them to be crowded with Koalas in a few years. We focus on building habitat on property located near confirmed Koala populations. We are planting trees that koalas are known to eat in those regions.

Koalas generally favour habitats on soils with higher fertility and moisture availability. Koalas tend to prefer younger foliage containing more nitrogen, less fibre and more moisture and sugars providing an increase in digestibility compared to mature foliage. 

By planting trees indigenous to the local region we ensure that the local Koala population is familiar with that specific food source. What we plant will be informed by the "Australian Koala Foundation National Koala Tree Planting List" which is a comprehensive list detailing by region what trees to plant for Koalas all across Australia.

Our focus as always will be on planting immediately, we currently have property relevant to be planted on and suppliers for appropriate trees. For every single purchase, we will commit to planting three trees by the end of the month of purchase. 

We will provide a unique photo for each of the three koala food trees you purchase & provide ongoing updates via our social media channels (Facebook & Instagram).